Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas time is here

There is mistletoe hung in my office, Christmas carols playing on my Pandora and so much joy in the air. However, let us take the time to remember those hurting this time of year. For those who have experienced loss, of any kind... Christmas and many other holidays just pound in the hurt. I have many friends who have lost so much this year, and who have been through so much. Don't force others to put on a happy face, accept the hard time and comfort those with the love of Christ. Make sure in your devotional time to pray for the sick and hurting... pray that the joy of Christmas may become vivid even through the pain.

Lord, please bless the hurting... those who I must not name.. as much as I have to be thankful for dear Lord I just pray that you would immensely bless these beyond compare in this season. I pray that you would lead and guide them with your comforting hand dear God and that you would wash their sorrows and give them comfort like only you can.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


For the past three weeks it has been a nightly struggle to live in my apartment. I say nightly, because I am only home to sleep. HA! But seriously, I live in the back bedroom of my apartment and conveniently enough the heat has yet to be able to make it back to my room.

Thankfully I work at a maintenance shop and discussed the problems with the guys on the management team. Only after a short conversation, I had an answer my apartment maintenance man couldn't seem to think of. The duct leading to my room has collapsed, therefore keeping air flow from coming into my room. Now, the sweet maintenance man lives two floors above me and has tired time and again little 'handy-man' fixes for my room, all to no avail. I explained to him what my managers had said and he agreed that it sounded like the right problem. However, as in all mass built apartment complexes, there is no way to get in between the floors to the ducts.

The wonderful guys at work borrowed a thermometer from the AC shop so that I could record the temperature in my room for physical evidence. My room consistently stays at least 5 degrees colder than the thermostat setting and this morning at 7:45 I woke up to a frigid 64 degree room temperature. This is after the sun came up, mind you... and that heats up the room.

I have since adapted my simple pajamas of a t shirt and shorts to sweatpants, a long sleeve shirt, a sweatshirt, and socks. Some mornings, like today, I still wake up cold... However I can't smoke my other roommates out of the house by continually turning up the heat for warmth that only goes into their rooms.

My roommate Emily graduated yesterday, and I am to move into her room as soon as possible. My apartment said they cannot fix my room, so my only option is to move. I am just thankful all I have to do is move across the hall... Thankfully my college minister at church and a few other people are going to help me with the move, I only have a few big things, other than that... I don't have much stuff. :)

Warm and fuzzy news of late? My study buddy and friend Anne Kimball got me a WoodWick candle... I have never had one, only seen them at friends houses... and I am so happy to have it! It has a literal name as the candle bears a wooden wick, when you burn this candle, it crackles like a fire. I absolutely love it!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'm BACK!!!

Finals are over and I am back to life!! The question many people have asked me is, 'Was it what you expected?'

Honestly, six months ago I was ready to give up my dream of graduate school, marry the man I love, and just become a teacher with a wonderful home and family. And this has been a constant struggle throughout this semester. But I come to realize that Sean only helped me grow closer to God; and that our decision not to hinder each other's individual dreams in order to have a life together has truly blessed each of us!

Sean is my best friend, and I love just talking to him whenever, and picking on him. He is always there when I need him, and definitely there to help when something goes wrong.. with my car or something... that I am not quite sure how to fix.

This semester hasn't been at all what I expected! I thought that I was busy in undergrad... MAN! was I WRONG! Throughout my undergraduate career I was involved in my major, band, my music fraternity and so many other things including friends and family.... Looking back, so many people told me I had no time... Hah... if only you could have seen me this semester.

Let's recap. I go to work every morning at 6am (where I am now, typing this) and I work... then I get off work, go to class until about 6pm, then I go home or to Starbucks to study. As my luck would have it, EVERY last one of my finals were yesterday... So, I took the day off work, got up, got ready, started dinner in the crock pot, and did a few last minute preparations for my tests. The first test felt great, and after spending literally 20 hours a week on this one class, (yes, I logged the time!) I am proud to say every second of my hard work payed off and I earned an A in the course! Now I am waiting for my other grades to be posted... and hopefully that will be by Friday.

I can honestly say that I am truly blessed, and truly thankful to have gone through all that I went through in the major change in my life. I am blessed with a wonderful job, an amazing school at which to obtain my education, and a great church that makes me feel right at home. This semester has definitely been a growing process, and I feel God working in me. As I continue to seek His will for my life each and every second of my day, I know that He will protect and care for me, and He will give me everything I need.

I am done with my first semester of Graduate school! It was definitely harder than expected, especially with a full time job. And it more than exceeded the amount of time that I thought I would ever spend studying or working on material for a class. I have never in my life had every second of my life so deeply engrossed in something that I didn't have a second to breathe, until now. But I am a stronger person for it.

I believe in full effect that now that I understand how things must be done next semester will go much smoother. I am excited for a month of just working... when I get off work, I will be done with my day! I am planning on starting my Christmas shopping, reading, and just relaxing! I am so excited and so happy to have time to be blogging again!

Monday, November 22, 2010

The touch of God's hand

I have a devotional I would like to share with each of you... I ready this Thursday night after the Alabama game.. and just felt it was so appropriate and so relevant to our daily lives...
(***Small side note, all Bible passages are from 'The Message', I encourage you to look them up and study them in multiple versions.***)

1 Timothy 5:12-13 - By breaking thier word, they're liable to go from bad to worse, frittering away thier days on empty talk, gossip and trivialites.
Luke 16:10-12 - If you're honest in small things, you'll be honest in big things; If you're a crook in small things, you'll be a crook in big things. If you're not honest in small jobs, who will put you in charge of the store?
Reflect: Small things matter. Little things add up, like the money I spend at Starbucks and the time I invest my PlayStation. Usually I think only some big sin can trip me up, that a big, bad 'Thou shalt not' is what gets in my way of being completely faithful to God. But it's the little things that show where my affections lie. If I spend more time preparing for a fantasy baseball draft than seeking God's direction for my life, then something deep down inside of me isn't right. When the trivial takes priority over the important, my life needs to change.
Fast: Today, fast from the trivial. For the rest of the day, do without things that don't really matter. Instead of watching a mindless movie or playing solitaire on your computer, use that time to read the Bible and pray. Give the money you would spend on a latte to missions or to someone who wouldn't have a meal otherwise. Find a way to use the money, time, and energy you would normally spend on the trivial to do something important, something that matters, something that will last longer than getting to the second level on Halo 2.
This was taken from my devotional book '7 Minutes with God'

It is so true, how often do we, especially as college students forget the important in life and become bogged down with school, work, band, video games, and just life in general. Do we really take time to thank and acknowledge the one who has given us all that we have? Our one and only Savior is just hoping and praying for our attention... I as well as anyone know that sometimes I pack my life so full that sometimes it is hard to take a time out to just praise and adore my God. I feel that this is something each of us need to evaluate and rework in our lives.

I pray that each and every one of you have a blessed and marvelous day, that the Lord my astound you with His blessings, and that you take the time to visit with Him a while. God loves you so much, and look at all He has given us. I am truly blessed to call each of you my friends and I pray that He continues to lead and guide us through this crazy world.

Friday, November 19, 2010


A few of my friends have been trying to write something that they are thankful for every day in November... So... I have a little bit to catch up on, but I thought it was my time to try it.

  1. I am thankful for my family... Lord knows they mean the world to me, and some people never truly value their family.
  2. I am thankful for Internet... wow, yeah, I know... but I have been able to keep up with so many friends since moving away because of it. Lord knows I couldn't do without mine and Mary-Anne's daily talks.
  3. I am thankful for Mary-Anne... when you graduate college you never really know how life will be or what will happen. I am so thankful to be able to keep in touch with such a great girl, and she lives the farthest away of any of my friends!
  4. I am thankful for friends... I know I couldn't name every one of you here, but you know who you are.. I couldn't make it through life without friends.
  5. I am thankful for Sean.. He is so good to me, (I know you are thinking WHAT?!) But honestly, I am so lucky to have dated such a wonderful Christian guy. So many girls go through terrible relationships and horrible breakups because they are with some selfish guy... I am thankful to know that my life is blessed and better because of Sean.
  6. I am thankful for the University of Alabama... It has been a lifelong dream to come here and go to school here. Just being on campus is mesmerizing... what a magical place.
  7. I am thankful for my job.... I am so blessed to have such a great job with great benefits and coworkers that I love!!!
  8. I am thankful for Christian coworkers... I am reminded of God's faithfulness every day.
  9. I am thankful for food to eat... you know... so many people are so needy... we must realize how blessed we are.
  10. I am thankful for school... Even when I am tired of studying... I am thankful to have this opportunity
  11. I am thankful for math... I am so happy to be able to teach children something I truly love and couldn't be happier doing.
  12. I am thankful for joy... No matter what God has a plan for me that will make me truly happy
  13. I am thankful for my church... Tuscaloosa is truly God's country.. I am so thankful to have a church up here that I can call my own that is so on fire for God.
  14. I am thankful for my apartment... I am blessed to have a wonderful and safe place to live!
  15. I am thankful for my roommates... wow... that could have been a disaster! But I am so blessed with great roomies!
  16. I am thankful for Troy... I am so blessed to have a wonderful Alma Mater and great family and friends still there.
  17. I am thankful for the Sound of the South... I am a proud Alumni and I couldn't have had a better undergraduate experience because of it! The SOTS truly made my undergraduate career!
  18. I am thankful for SAI... without my experiences and leadership roles in this organization I couldn't be the woman, or girl, that I am today... I honestly learned so much from the organization and my sisters. I wouldn't trade a second!
  19. I am thankful for God and His guidance in my life... even though I don't always listen... I am trying and knowing that no matter what He is always there.. I know that everything will work out for His glory!
I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tuscaloosa Tidbits

I have had a wonderful weekend of rest and relaxation! Today I am cleaning and getting a few things accomplished. So finally I am posting some great pictures that chronicle some things that have been happening lately.

I love receiving mail! It makes me so happy... I had ordered some books from and got a bunch of other stuff. This was all in my mailbox one day! It made me so happy... of course, you can tell because I liked it enough to take a picture!

This is from Mary Allison and Brandon's engagement party. Her cousin Anna threw a beautiful party with great food and a very sentimental atmosphere! It was wonderful. I had a great time hanging out with friend that I hadn't seen since graduation and celebrating the wonderful engagement of two great friends!
These labels were on bottles of water and on bags of Mary Allison's mom's signature cookies. SO GOOD!!

Retail therapy is something Mary-Anne Gillis taught me and and taught me well. HAHAH! Well, for a year or two now I have been wanting some fall boots. Since I now have a job I was actually able to go out and get a pair. These are SOOOO comfortable!! I love them so much and they help me stay warm! I really missed Mary-Anne during my adventure, but I did bring along my Tuscaloosa Mary-Anne, Anne Kimball (my study buddy). Thankfully for the joys of technology I was able to picture message Mary-Anne through the entire adventure. :)

This weekend the college group at church got together and made shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. I was so excited to make shoeboxes and had a great time fellowshipping with them! I am truly blessed with my Ridgecrest family. 

Moving to Tuscaloosa has been a TRUE blessing. I know that it was definitely God's will for me to be here, and even though it was hard getting here God truly blesses beyond compare. I am in love with Tuscaloosa, and may even make this town my permanent home. God is giving me peace through all that has happened the past two years, and no matter what He is in control and I am leaning to trust him more and more. 

Thursday, November 4, 2010

A new person!

I totally feel like a NEW person! Last week I was able to attend the class that my Associtate Manager teaches on Thursday nights. He is teaching a management/leadership course here at the Capstone and I was curious to see what his teaching style was like. It was very interesting and fun.. I know, going to class on my free night isn't what you would call fun... but I had fun. HAHA! He also invited me to come to his house on Monday nights, he and his wife host the college students from their church and they have dinner and fellowship every Monday. I was so excited to receive an invitation and I hope that I am actually able to attend!

This week I have been able to go grocery shopping, run a few errands, fill prescriptions and just have an overall had a calmer, better, week. I had a test this week so I only had to study and do one set of homework for next week. Thankfully I was determined to be productive and to have a great week, especially after such a great weekend at home! I got all of my homework done and I feel great about my test! Hopefully I will get to see my grade today!
I have honestly been shocked and astonished when I have gotten home before midnight! I have been able to go to bed by ten o'clock! If you know me well, you know that this is a big deal for me!

I was also very fortunate to be able to go to church last night, Wednesday. I haven't been able to make it to church on Wednesday's because I have always been studying... So I was really excited to go! Man, did I receive a blessing! God is truly in the midst of the ministry at Ridgecrest and I am so excited that God has brought me here to grow. The longer I live here and work here the more I believe that Tuscaloosa is 'God's Country' and not just for football. ;)

This weekend I am staying in Tuscaloosa, I am going to clean and rest and I am really honestly excited about it. Friday night I am going to wrap shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child with my college group at church. It is going to be a fun night of service, fellowship and rejuvenation! And I can't believe I am going to be able to do something FUN on a Friday night! haha!

Friday, October 29, 2010

I finally dropped.

I am so thankful that the Lord knows just how to get my attention. In a whirlwind week were I went to bed at midnight every night (starting the week before), and feel asleep not only in class but at my desk at work I finally dropped a class. I can hear the angels in heaven rejoicing as I type!! :) The only way this will affect me academically is that I may graduate in the summer rather than the spring... But my sanity and the ability to breathe once in a while is definitely worth it!!!

I was even able to go to bed Wednesday night at 9pm(With all homework finished mind you)! And last night I was finally able to attend the class that my Associate Manager teaches here at the Capstone. I have been wanting to see how he taught and he wanted my opinion as an educator on his first teaching experience. And he is doing a great job! He teaches a management class, and I have to say, our business world is doomed!! If this is how all business students are.. and most of these graduate in December, no wonder people vote in sorry leaders and businesses everywhere are corrupt and failing!

This weekend I am finally able to go home for the first time in a while. I am excited to see Courtney and my family. Also, in other news, I lost a punctal plug this week... If you don't know what it is you can definitely google it! :) I have to have them in order to wear contacts. I lost the plug from my left eye Sunday night, so needless to say I have been wearing my glasses all week... Thanks to Beverly having gone to med school up here I have gotten a recommendation from a Dr. friend of hers and I am going this afternoon to have my plug replaced, then I am homeward bound! I have had a great week, in the weirdest of ways, but God is showing me His blessings, mercy and grace! I can't wait to have a wonderful weekend and then come back to the greatest job in the WORLD! Also, I will definitely be posting some pictures soon! I have been saving pictures of things going on around my world, and since most of the time I now blog at work I haven't been able to upload them. But I have a feeling they will be able to be put up soon!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


I have moved some of my study nights to Starbucks rather than the library.. It is just a happier place and if you don't know I LOVE starbucks! So, I have decided to experiment and try some new things. Caffeine does not affect me... whatsoever. And I know this is a bad thing! I drink coffee at work and at home. I also drink soft drinks and other caffinated beverages... and lets just say, water and I are not really good friends. So, I was tempted to try hot tea. I have never had hot tea before, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

Calm tea was the first hot tea I ever had, and I have to say it is great! It is called 'calm' tea because it has no caffeine and is made of herbs. It is a wonderful tea and I even bought a tin so that I could make hot tea to drink at work. Now, I like things sweet, so I do add a little sugar to my tea. And I think it is fun brewing my own little cup of tea at my desk. So, in a sense, it is calming.. lol Or at least God is using the name to remind me to have moments of calm in this crazy and hectic life I lead. All is well in life, and through endurance and perserverance I will make it to December. And I will be proud to know what I have accomplished.

So, my recommendation for each of you is to go out on a limb and try something different. Not necessarily a hot tea, but just something. And 'be still' with God in the midst of our hectic lives.

Psalm 46:10
"Be still, and know that I am God..."

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

In loving memory of Tim

Tim was a dear friend always smiling and greating others. I am blessed to have known him during his lifetime. Tim died tragically Saturday in an accidental shooting.... He was cleaning his gun. Please pray for his family and friends as we all grieve during this time. You can also read a heartwarming story about Tim here.

Monday, October 18, 2010


This is a new word I have come to enjoy. HAHA! I know, I know... I am a LOSER. Since my last blog full of hurt I have decided to write a few things that make me unexplainably happy.

  1. Mary-Anne and I chatting on google chat while we are both at work. What a wonderful way to catch up and stay in touch with a friend. 
  2. Mary Allison's engagement and wedding. I tell many people, I live my life vicariously through Mary Allison. Words cannot express the joy that I feel when we talk of wedding plans and things going on in her life. I know this seems kind of contradictory, but I honestly think of nothing buy joy when thinking of Mary Allison and Brandon's engagement. I mean, what a way to stay connected after college... have your friend MARRY each other!! Less places to visit! HAHA
  3. Elliot... from the TV show Leverage. I work with a guy who looks very similar. It is hilarious.... only because sometimes I like to imagine that I work with a movie star. J/K!
  4. My job.. I am so blessed! I left everything back home only to gain two GREAT roommates, a great trust in God, and 80 wonderful men to work with. I couldn't ask for a better job!
  5. 5k. I ran a 5k in 38 minutes with one of my assistant managers Friday. We are training for the 'Crimson Couch to 5k' for all staff and faculty of the University of Alabama. 5k number one will lead to a second. I now 'jog' (I guess it's a little slow for running) 4 miles at least one day a week. Yes, I know a 5k is only 3.1 miles... but I love it and hope to soon build up to more with a better time. 
  6. My church. The college ministry and students have blessed me beyond compare. Their love and kindness is unsurpassed! And, I am going to be doing another 5k with some of them in April! 
  7. My family. They are crazy, but I love them. :) 
  8. My friends. Without them, I don't know where I would be in this time... Charity, Courtney, Lisa, Mary-Anne, Mary Allison, and my Tuscaloosa friend Anne Kimball. 
Without Christ I wouldn't be able to count my blessings.. but so many times I need to be reminded of His truths. The devil tries to keep up in the pit. No matter what God's grace is enough... His mercy is there. 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Because I can't really pour it out on anyone...

A while back a good friend and now mentor of mine posted a few things that were bugging her in her blog. Lately through the stress and anxiety that I have been feeling sometimes I just want to shout hurtful words out at some people... and I have noticed that coming into my thoughts and sometimes into my rants during my otherwise happy blog posts. So I believe for the sake of my sanity and the joy of my heart I must get these things out. They are no way directed anywhere in particular, just meaningless rantings of things that the devil lets get to me. I don't mind at all if you discontinue reading this post here.

Some things that currently bug me...

  • I can't stand when someone tells me how busy they are. SERIOUSLY?? Wow. Now, I have been told by God that different people can handle different things and I realize this and completely agree. But when people want others to modify their lives to accommodate their busy lives without even thinking of the other person I could just SCREAM. 
  • People getting engaged. Many people don't know the whole story of my life here lately, and honestly it is none of anyone's business. I feel that it is somewhat traumatic and I am saddened that something I believed would last didn't. It just really hurts when people laugh in your face because you are upset. I would like to let everyone know that this isn't just some teenage break-up devastation, so thank you for acknowledging that I have feelings.
  • On that note, don't tell me that I am young. 1 Timothy 4:12 is a verse I highly believe in. 'Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity." Yeah, I am 22 years old, a lot of people tell me that I have so much time, time to do this, that and other things.. but I believe that not everything is based on age, but should be based on maturity.  Maturity comes from experience and education... so... yeah. I know plenty of 22 year old's who act like absolute children, and a couple 18 year old's who are wiser than many adults. So get over the age, yeah, we all have time...
  • Don't try to be my friend just to get the latest gossip out of my life. If I am not telling you what is going on with me then you obviously don't need to know. So stop trying to be my friend and ask random questions to pry information out of me. I will just give you the short of it and walk away. My true friends know what is going on, and are there for me no matter what. No just when my life is juicy enough for them.
  • 'Come see me!' Is something I hear a lot. Well get this.. I drive 3 and a half hours to see my family and friends and they can't drive 20 minutes to see me while I am at my parents house or in Troy????? Are you kidding? Get your selfish rear off the couch if you want to see me. I only get two days at home a month as it is. And, don't promise you will come visit when in fact you won't. Someone told me they were coming to Tuscaloosa and I almost had a panic attack I was so excited... (yeah, I'm a loser, I know).. But then... me seeing them didn't work out, and that hurt. Now I know exactly what Mary-Anne feels like.. everyone always wants to go to DC... but who does? I am thankful to say that I have. 
  • People who think they can relate but can't. Get over yourself. Read Matthew 7:3-5. Before you decide to council me on my life, make sure that you have got it together before you try to tell me how everything you had done is right and what I am doing is wrong, plus I am young.. etc. Granted, I have many friends, including Lisa, who have been through similar loss types but not the exact situation... that I appreciate greatly. A different perspective, without judgement. 
  • Finally, judgement. Wow, everyone asks so they can just tear you down. Well get over yourself... everyone goes through different things and can handle different things, so before you cast your judgement on those suffering or seemingly so, or not so in your world, take a walk in their shoes... and then you will see. 
Now, I am done with that. I have confessed all my grumblings to the Lord and He has lifted my spirit and cleansed my soul. I love and pray for all of you. And I want to especially thank those who have been with me during this time in my life. I am truly blessed and truly love my life here in Tuscaloosa. God is doing a work, and I am excited to be a part of it. 

Friday, October 15, 2010

I'm tired... worn and weary.

Matthew 11:28

"Come to Me, all of you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."

Every morning this week, it has been a little bit harder to get out of bed. I stayed in town last weekend to study for yet another test. I am worn, I am weary. And the verse above and a few other daily reminders are what is pushing me through, even today.
5am comes early... especially when you stay up until midnight studying or doing homework. I know without a doubt that God won't give you more than can handle... but this week, God has trusted me a little more than I would like.
Graduate school, I told myself, would be a time to work hard, make perfect grades and not worry about a thing except school. Then my real world experience hit me. I am so excited to say that part of me is an adult.. I still believe that there are parts of me that still are, and potentially always will be, a child. However, my full time job is a blessing beyond compare. I pay my bills, have my own insurance, soon to have my own phone plan, and I am thinking of getting a house.
Most people would run scared at the thought of this; but, financial independence is something I have strived for since day one after moving out of my parents house. In the childish, self-seeking world we live in, there are a lot of spoiled brats who whine about what they don't have or the latest trends... I must boast that this week alone I have received three compliments on my outfits and wardrobe pieces; and when asked where I got the item of clothing I had to reply, 'I'm sorry, I don't remember; I've had these since high school.' HOORAY! Haha!
Counting my blessings has truly helped me out, especially in tough weeks like this. I am so thankful for what God has given me. Each night when I go to sleep and when I wake up in the mornings I try to remember what a recent devotional said:
God gives us the strength to make it through that day.
When the Israelites traveled through the wilderness,
God gave them manna for each day, and enough for the day.
God gives us strength to make it through today, no matter what the circumstances. I am as guilty as at complaining. The devil works so hard to steal our joy from us. And sometimes, when we are beat down and in the pit, it is easier to take his crap than fight back. But, we must constantly fight the battle for Christ and remember, He gives us the strength to make it through.
So, no matter how tired I am, how many times I just have to close my eyes at my desk or in class... God will get me through and I am stronger because of it.
James 1:2-4
"Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing."

Monday, October 11, 2010

My new family

Yesterday morning I joined Ridgecrest Baptist Church by way of Watch Care. Watch Care is a program for college students. It gives dual membership between Ridgecrest and your home church, so that you can have the benefits of church membership while away at college. Upon graduation you can choose to continue your membership, or return home.

I love my Ridgecrest family. If it weren't for them... wow... this semester would have been even more of a disaster. From the first time I visited Ridgecrest I knew it was EXACTLY what God wanted for me. That first Sunday school message was exactly what I needed, when I needed it. I can feel myself growing at Ridgecrest and I am so thankful for the college ministry there.

Beckey, the college leader, let me know that they like to kidnap college students and keep them forever. And right now, part of me wouldn't mind that. :) In two years, we shall see where I am... you never know, I may make Tuscaloosa my permanent home. I am so happy, and so blessed.

On a sad note, prayers are needed today... I have studied since last Monday for a midterm that I have today... yes, that is 7 days of studying, at least 3 hours a day... So needless to say, I should be plenty prepared. But I just don't have a peace about this test. But God is in control.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Making old things new

This is an old song... I used to listen to Relient K, well... way to much. And this came on my Pandora yesterday... and it is amazing how God can use old things to have brand new meanings in different seasons of life. The emphasis is bolded, and those are the words that continue to ring in my heart today as I go throughout my day.

May each of you have a wonderful day.

Relient K - Let it all out
Let it all out
get it all out
rip it out remove it
don't be alarmed
when the wound begins to bleed
cause we're so scared to find out
what this life's all about
so scared we're going to lose it
not knowing all along
that's exactly what we need

and today I will trust you with the confidence
of a man who's never known defeat
but tomorrow, upon hearing what I did
I will stare at you in disbelief
oh, inconsistent me
crying out for consistency

and you said I know that this will hurt
but if I don't break your heart then things will just get worse
If the burden seems too much to bear
the end will justify the pain it took to get us there

and I'll let it be known
at times I have shown
signs of all my weakness
but somewhere in me
there is strength

and you promise me
that you believe
in time I will defeat this
cause somewhere in me
there is strength

and today I will trust you with the confidence
of a man who's never known defeat
and I'll try my best to just forget
that that man isn't me

reach out to me
make my heart brand new
every beat will be for you
for you

and I know you know
you touched my life
when you touched my heavy heart and made it light

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tangible Love

Below you will find an exerpt from my day's devotional. Girlfriends in God is something I started receiving after hearing about it from my friend Lisa... it has been more than a blessing, and I have passed it on to many other friends.

October 5, 2010

Iron Sharpens Iron  - Sharon Jaynes

Today's Truth

"As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another" (Proverbs 27:17 TNIV).

Friend To Friend

In my silverware drawer at home, I have about 15 knives of various shapes and sizes. However, I only use about four of them and the others simply are taking up space. The problem is, the other knives are dull and I've never taken the time to sharpen them. I could just toss them in the trash, but that seems like such a waste.

The same can be true in our own lives. The Bible says, "As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another" (Proverbs 27:17 TNIV). When we don't have friends that challenge us and encourage us to grow, we grow dull. Ultimately, we become "not the sharpest knife in the drawer" and other ones are chosen for tasks that we would love to do. Is there someone that God is calling you to sharpen? Is there someone who God is nudging you to invite to be a sharpening agent?

Jesus gave us a word of caution when it comes to "sharpening" our friends. Do it in love. Alice Miller has a good rule of thumb for correction: "If it is very painful for you to criticize your friends, you are safe in doing it. But if you take the slightest pleasure in it, that is the time to hold your tongue."

As women, we love to soak in warm bubble baths, lather in fragrant soaps, and soften with aromatic oils. But all too often, when it comes to removing dirt from a friend, we pull out the hard-bristled scrub brush of harsh words and scrub, scrub, scrub. The end result is often not the removal of dirt, but a wounded, emotionally scraped and bruised soul. Powerful words are not caustic words. They are gentle, tender words wrapped in an attitude of love. Paul wrote to the Colossians, "Therefore, as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience" (Colossians 3:12).

Wow. What a powerful message. At times I have felt attacked by fellow Christians in my feelings and I am thankful to say that I now have an army of girlfriends who encourage me and sharpen me with love.

I am as guilty as anyone, and I know that. But one thing I constantly ask of God is to give me something I can touch, see or feel. But God has begun to open my eyes through my conversations with my girlfriends, today in particular, Mary Allison. Each of us experience life differently and handle situations differently. However, as much as I want someone here in Tuscaloosa to talk to face to face, where I can see there expression, I have learned that this would take away the purpose of faith. Why would I have to put my faith and trust in God if I always had a worldy conterpart to look to???

I am thankful for my wonderful friends, and I am thankful that last night God gave me the chance to be still... and bask in His glory and grace. Last night I chose not to do any homework, and actually have dinner with my roomies and just have a calm night. **This will bite me later, but I am thankful for one nice of peace since the past two months have flown by.**

I am thankful for my friends, and how they encourage me to trust Him. And I am thankful that God will always be there for me, even though I can't see or touch Him, literally. But yet, as we live in God's creation, and see His mighty works we are in essence, seeing, and touching Him. Praises be to our wonderful God.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Rammer Jammer

Well... the roommate issue has not been resolved. She wouldn't meet with me and hasn't spoken to me again... so we shall see.

I chose to stay in Tuscaloosa this weekend even though I didn't have a ticket to the football game. Thursday Anne Kimball and I went out to the movies and watched 'You Again'. I think that the main girl looks like my friend Lisa and the high school friend of the mother in law looks like Mary-Anne's dad. I am bad with actors... so yeah... but anyway.. I continually thought of you guys during the movie.

Friday night my college group at Ridgecrest had a girls night were we just hung out, had dinner and had fun. We tie dyed shirts and mine turned out AMAZING!

Isn't it cute?! Of course I couldn't have done it without the help of some wonderful girls from the college group! I am so proud of my shirt!

Saturday I was able to have lunch with my friend Leo, and then tailgated on the quad with the Ridgecrest college group. I went home to watch the game and had a very productive night. During the AMAZING Alabama game I washed clothes, started homework, clipped coupons, cleaned up around my room and organized a few things. :) I love being productive.

After the game I enjoyed hanging out with my wonderful roommate Gabby for a little while while eating a wonderful cookie from my other roommate Emily!

This thing tasted as good as it looks! :)

Today, Sunday, was filled with homework and church. I also managed to sneak in a two hour nap. Weekends are my time to sleep considering I get only a few hours to sleep during the school/work week. The messages at church were astounding words from God and the worship was amazing. I am so blessed to have found a church that is richly on fire for Christ and a college ministry that is so loving and caring that they make me feel at home.

Lots of ideas are bouncing around in my head lately... And we will see how God leads and things play out. To all my blogger friends, the members of the AIM project lost their jobs this past week as our President took away all money for abstinence education and put it towards abortion and planned parenthood. Please be in prayer as these people, including Sean, try to figure out what the next step in their lives will be. And be in prayer for our nation's youth, as well as our president. If you didn't vote, you should be ASHAMED. God's people need to WAKE UP and look at what we have done to our country. Stand up for what you believe in. Take the USA back for Christ. If you aren't planning to vote this November I suggest you get it in gear, register to vote and get your head in the game. These decisions affect us all... whether you like it or not.

Now. After my rant. I hope you all have a safe and wonderful week. Take time this week to notice how blessed you are. Stop complaining, because when you do, you are letting the Devil win. Think of how fortunate you are. I know without a shadow of doubt that I am truly blessed beyond imagination. And you are too, Praise be to God!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Roommate Woes

Never in my life did I think that I would feel unsafe in my 'home'. Never did I think I would have to lock my room door at night for fear of someone barging into my room.... Now, in this instance, I am fearing the worse, because, I honestly have no idea of what to think or expect.

My roommates were showered in prayer and God blessed me with 2 out of 3 GREAT, and I am serious, roommates. Gabby and Emily are blessings beyond compare and I am so thankful for them. However, my God, the powerful, wonderful God He is, likes to show us the good through the bad. And.. roommate #3 is definitely a joy killer. Here is the story in short:

Ever since she moved in her boyfriend has been living with us. Yeah, that's right, living with us. Now, a little back information. I am the only roommate that has even MET her. She won't come out of her room to talk to the other girls. And as much as they have tried to make contact, she stays clammed up in her room, all day, EVERY day. So, keep in mind throughout this story, that even though she doesn't really talk to me, she will text and call me, but only me, because I am the only one she 'knows'.

Well, he has been doing things like washing clothes, etc, so we know he lives there and as a group we planned to talk to her and explain to her that it was unfair for us for our bills to go up and that we were uncomfortable with him staying. Well yesterday, to use an old term I learned from high school, 'The crap hit the fan..' (Now, didn't that just brighten the post a little bit! ;) HAHA!) Before Gabby, Emily and I could meet with her and talk to her about this situation, Management called her in. They had noticed him too, and suspected he was living there and gave her what the call a 'warning' telling her to get him out or be kicked out. So yesterday she started calling and texting me, I told her I couldn't talk because I was at work, and she started asking about her boyfriend 'visiting' and if I had a problem with it. She also asked me for the other roommates numbers, and I knew something had happened. So I called management and asked them what had happened, and that is when my leasing agent, Erin, told me they had caught him, called her in, and she denied everything saying he was her brother. Now, I know this is a lie because I now have a text asking about her boyfriend visiting. So anyways, I was told not to answer her phone calls or messages because it was harassment and that we had done nothing wrong. Well, the roommate got Emily's number off the fridge and started calling her multiple times, so I told Emily to call management and tell them that she wouldn't leave us alone. I received various other texts of rage... all to the effect of, she thought we complained and wondered why we didn't come to her first, funny thing, we wanted to, management just beat us to it. So, thankfully management called her back to the office and told her that none of us complained and that it was solely the management. Thankfully, that made her stop calling Emily. 

Now, it is the rule of our apartment, as stated in our lease, that we are not to have any overnight guests of the opposite sex, and if we are to, we must have a written consent turned in from each of the other three roommates. So, after the roommate learned this she began to text me asking me if I would write a letter. At this point it was around 9pm, and I was busy studying at Anne's for a test. So, I kindly replied that I wanted to discuss this with her in person, but couldn't that night because I was studying. And I then turned my phone on silent because I knew she wouldn't stop there. Honestly, I am not writing a letter, because I am uncomfortable with him there, and that is why I want to talk to her in person. I am not going to continue this childish text message conversation about something important like this. And I honestly want to talk to her face to face when I tell her no. After all, we are supposed to be adults here.... right?

So, when I finally finished studying at around midnight I had a few more text messages, of course asking why I couldn't meet her tonight, that she was home and wanted to know.. and when could I talk to her. So, I have asked to meet with her before class today... and hopefully this whole thing will be resolved.

The reason I have worried about it so much is because I honestly don't know this girl, and have no idea what she is capable of doing, or not capable of. So I really don't want to set her off, just in case she is crazy or something. So, we shall see. If worst comes to worst I will be in heaven with my Father, and there are no complaints there. ;) But in all seriousness, I think it will be ok. I will definitely post the results since I have shared this whole story. And for a final note, the roommate also told me that she would be moving out at the end of the semester... however, that is dependent on her getting out of her lease. But if the boy continues to stay she will get kicked out. So we shall see.

However, without the hard times, how would we know what good times look like? How would we be able to rejoice in blessings. So, this, as the many other trials in our lives, should be considered nothing more than blessings in disguise.

Monday, September 27, 2010

One AMAZING weekend!

Well, I wasn't very sure it was going to end up that way... I have a wonderful study buddy that God has blessed me with. Her name is Anne, and we work diligently every night of the week on homework. Anne has an undergraduate degree in business, and after working for a number of years decided that she hated her job and couldn't do what she was doing forever... So she is happily married and back in school, getting a Master's in Math with the ambitions of teaching college math.

So, needless to say, I spend much of my time giving Anne knowledge from my undergraduate background in Math. She has little to no mathematical foundation, so I am just going over the fundamentals and explaining theories and reasonings as we go over homework. Now, this isn't a one way street, as much as I help Anne through our homework, she is able to go ask our professors questions when I don't understand something. You see, with my job, I cannot go to any office hours that my professors have, but with Anne having backed off to a part time and very flexible job, she can go any time needed. So.. we are a great team.

After a long and daunting Thursday night we still weren't finished with the Numerical Analysis homework that we had started on Monday. Thankfully our teacher is so nice and graciously answers our questions. Most of the time, the methods aren't hard, just extremely time consuming. So, with Thursday being a total of 15 hours of work logged on our homework we decided to call it a night, and finish on Friday.

What's the problem? Well, I had planned since Monday to go home Friday right after work, and even worked over so that I could get off at 2:30pm on Friday. I had plans to spend time with my family before they left today on a two week vacation. I was going to attend my high school football game, and the TROY game, eat dinner with my friends after the game and do homework before the game. Thursday night was definitely a break down, and I called my mom to tell her that I just couldn't make it home for the weekend. I had too much homework, two more subjects were just waiting on me to get started... I hadn't been grocery shopping or had the chance to clean this week. So reluctantly and with many tears, I stayed in Tuscaloosa.

Friday after I got off work Anne and I worked on homework and finished around 4pm. Both of us having had terrible weeks, with tests that we spent hours studying for, and still didn't do well on... Mine was Stats and hers was Differential Equations. We were worn out, and super excited to finally to have finished oru homework for Numerical Analysis. We walked to Dr. Zhao's office together to hand in our homework with smiles on our face from ear to ear! As we handed our papers in Dr. Zhao, he returned our smiles and we high fived each other when we got out of his office. He is our favorite teacher, because he is so sweet and straightforward. I honestly never thought I would say that I little Chinese man was my favorite teacher. But hey, the University of Alabama works miracles. ;)

Well, after that Anne and I were ready to treat ourselves. Really, we had a horrible week, and worked very hard.  So, Anne being a local and knowing the town, etc. decided what we should do. We went to this wonderful little place in Northport called "Tips and Toes" and we both got manicures and pedicures!! If felt wonderful to just relax after goign 90 to nothing and then full blast. It was a great end to our week, and we actually had time to sit and chat with each other, and not have homework shorten our converstation.

Saturday I slept in a few hours from my normal 5am wake up call and then layed around the house and watched TV for the early part of the morning. I haven't turned my TV on in over two weeks... turning it on was a small victory. Then, I did what ever girl who needs a little boost does, I went shopping. I bought some cute cardigans at New York and Company, they were having a buy one get one half off sale, and bought a super soft sweater that was also on sale. This was also my first 'Wells Fargo' experience. Our bank, Wachovia, converted Saturday, and then was official today. So part of me really was just curious that my card may or may not work. The rest of the afternoon was filled with washing clothes, Alabama and TROY football, both of which were gut-wrenching games, and homework. I finally finished my stats homework around 10:30pm... that's right, I started at 2:30pm.... haha Graduate School.. isn't it lovely??

Sunday I went to church and Anne came over and we worked on our Real Analysis homework. We finished that in a record of 2 hours! Needless to say we were exstatic! So, I finished my laundry, cleaned my room, went grocery shopping, and was able to have dinner with my roommates!! It was so nice to actually be able to spend time with them... I litterally hadn't seen them in a week!

So, I had a semi-restful and very productive weekend... And I am very happy about it. I have beautiful fingers and toes to remind me of God's blessings even when at first things aren't going our way. God knows best for us, and though times may be tough and decisions may be hard, He works all things for the good of those that love Him.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Time heals all wounds. As I am learning daily that relying on God is the only answer, I am striving to make this my second nature. I desire for God to be so centered in my life that when hard times come I only think of Him and not long for the comfort of the people around me. When you place your trust and hopes in people, you will only be disappointed.

I am working through some important things this week and would greatly appreciate any and all prayer. My first test in graduate school was hard, and even though I spent all weekend studying I didn't feel prepared. Honestly, there isn't time enough in the day to devote all the time I need to studying after my classes and work are over. But God will work miracles and He will lead me through this pit.

Sometimes I feel it would be great to have someone grocery shop, cook and clean for me. I need to go to the bank and deposit my check I got two weeks ago... but I just haven't had the time, I need to grocery shop so that I will have food to eat... but I just haven't had the time, I need toilet paper, school stuff, and so many other things.

I took the time last night to relax, and watch a play called 'Screwtape' done by the University of Alabama Theatre and Dance program. I went with a girls bible study group that I am a part of. I needed this fun time in order for God to life my spirits. The play was based on the book by C. S. Lewis, which I would love to read someday.

All that being said, God will provide.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

5 days?!

Ok, so... As we have discussed many times, I am a full time graduate student and a full time employee. This week juggling 3 graduate courses and 40 hours a week has really gotten to me. Last Thursday I was assigned homework that is due today, Thursday the 16th.

Well, I have decided to be a good college student and practice stress management during my graduate degree. I'm not dumb, I can tell I have a lot on my plate. lol So I am working hard to keep the stress down. So I started Sunday, after a restful weekend at home with my family, working on this homework that is due today. So here it is Thursday, and I am still working to finish the last problem. Not to knock other majors or anything.. but who else, would spend at least three hours a night for 4 nights and still not be finished with HOMEWORK!?!?! The complex computations aren't necessarily hard... just very labor intensive and time consuming. After all, this class is a computer programming class, and we are working out by hand the things that they make computers do now... But... that's not the point.

The point is I have worked now for 5 days on this homework to finish. I am stressed to the max, staying here this weekend to study for a test that I have on Monday... that I thought I would be able to start studying for before today.... Last night, I worked so hard on this homework in an effort to finish the last two problems I didn't take the time to eat. And I still had to leave with a little work left to do. So... I am working hard trying not to stress. But God prevails and he won't give us anything we can't handle... so, I CAN DO THIS!

In the end, my hard work will pay off... or so I tell myself. And recently, I just have to laugh at people who say they are busy.... unless I know they are legitimately busy... I mean, I leave my house at 5:45 work all day and then go to class, if I get home by 7pm I immediately get started on homework, otherwise I stay at school to do homework and then get home around 10pm. But everyone is different, handles things differently and works through life differenly. So... everyone's 'busy' means something unique.

With this being said, I have to let you know that I am not by any means complaining. I am so blessed... I am blessed to walk into a job every morning where some of the crew are sitting around with their Bibles doing their morning studies. I am blessed to be able to figure out my homework and hack away at it even when my teacher doesn't instruct us on how to do the material. I am thankful for my friends and family, who, no matter how busy, or how little I talk to them, still love and support me anyways. I have lost friends for this fact, and I count it to be HUGE blessings friends who will stick with me through it all, not just the good times.

So I am blessed, life is busy, but things are great. God is working away in my life, the devil is attacking, but I have learned to count it all JOY... PRAISE GOD!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Be careful what you wish for...

A full time job, and full time grad school... I know, I know, we've talked about this before. But last night as I was sitting in my room diligently pounding away at my Numerical Analysis homework I wished that I could live my life on less sleep.

Well, God provides and I have been up since 3am.... Car alarms started going off in a parking lot next to my apartment... and apparently, I am now a light sleeper. Once, a girl who could sleep through a thunderstorm, now a daughter, falling into the footsteps of her mother; waking at the slightest sound.

I know that part of this is because of life's recent happenings and a few other things I don't really share with everyone. But hey, God is working and He will provide.

A memory came to mind after writing yesterday's blog, and I would like to share it with each of you. If you don't remember or didn't read, I talked about following God's will, and how the devil will attack when you are striving to be more like Christ.

Well, since I was 16 years old I have went on the Coffee County Baptist Association Summer Mission Trip. There have only been two separate occasions where I have missed this joyful experience, but that's not the point. In the Summer of 2008 my team was spectacular. We just had a different level of dynamic that year... we were all close and we all jumped deep into our lessons and worked hard to impact the kids who came to our bible club. The week was great, not only did we reach children for Christ but our team grew as individuals and as a team... Friday is always the last day of bible club and our big decision day push. Teams left our base church at varying times from 6am to 7:30am. Our church was rather far from our base church so we left early as usual. And on the way that morning something unexpected happened. Bro. Phil, our team leader of course was driving the Mount Pleasant van with our team scattered throughout the van, some sleeping, and the rest of us just waiting to get to the church.  

Bro Phil protected each of us, when a truck hauling a trailer began to fishtail and overturned, stretching across the road and heading straight for our van full of students. Bro Phil, with only the work of God's hand was able to maneuver the van just far enough off the road not to flip into the ditch and for the truck to only hit the van in the back near the tires.... By God's hand our van didn't overturn, and all us crazy students who were not wearing seat belts were all ok. Thankfully, the couple driving the truck were also ok, and we were able to get one out of the truck, but had to wait for the ambulance and the police because the passenger was trapped.

We were able to call the Pastor of our Bible club church, with whom Bro Phil had a great relationship. And as in all Indian cultures, they new someone who was family that could work on our van in order to get us home. We then, continued on to our Bible club, thankful that parents and volunteers were watching the children until we could get there. As we all piled out of the van we stretched out in pews and in the isles of the church. Our bodies were aching, we were in a state of shock. But we new we had work to be done. So with the work of a team led by God's grace and mercy we got up and finished the bible club with an outstanding finish. That day, they devil tried to stop us from reaching those kids. We could have easily been killed or just went back to the base church after such a traumatic experience and cancel the last day. But we, as a team, pressed on because we knew the kingdom work had to be done.

Now, I pray that something crazy or catastrophic has to happen in your life... but just know, that when you are facing hard times, God's grace and mercy is enough. Keep doing the work, keep the faith, run the race. God won't give you anything you can't handle. Trust Him, and let Him lead, even when times are tough, He is there.

Monday, September 13, 2010

My first Paycheck

Friday was payday... and I was super excited. Even though we have direct deposit here at work, your first check comes as a paper check. So, I was able to walk across the street to the next door offices and pick up my check myself. I couldn't contain my excitement.

I was so excited, until I opened it. I was shocked to see the amount and if anyone had been able to see my face I am sure they would have laughed! I quickly began to review my deductions. After a series of emails, questions and phone calls, I found the problem. I had been charged over $300 in medical arrears... when in reality I was only supposed to be charged $36. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!

Thankfully I will receive this money back on my next paycheck. So for now, I have a running joke with my mother that thanks to the government I work... but don't get paid. Thankfully my rent was already paid for this month and I wasn't depending on that extra $300 that was supposed to be in my check... praise God for His many blessings.

I went home this weekend because Saturday, September 11, was my dad's birthday. Alabama played Penn State and we all got together at my oldest sister, Beverly's house to watch the game and have dinner with Dad. September 11 is also Coach Paul 'Bear' Bryant's birthday... and ironically enough January 26, my mother's birthday, is the day Coach Bryant died. Let's just say, I was destined to be an Alabama fan. ;)

Good times with friends and family always make it hard to make the drive back to Tuscaloosa every Sunday afternoon, but I love it here none the less. I love it in two places now, my dream home, and my home in Troy. :)

I told a friend of mine this weekend that God is doing a great work in me, and He is teaching me something through all of this. Even though I may not know exactly what His plan holds or exactly where He is leading me right now... This is where I am supposed to be. Away from all things that made me comfortable and content. So that I may grow in a new and dynamic way for Christ. I believe that when you are content you begin to get in trouble... I believe we should always be striving more, always reaching for a deeper and deeper relationship. Like a ladder, or stairs, once we make it to one, don't get happy and sit there, STRIVE for the next! So, I am striving, learning and living. I am ready for the great things God has for me.

But, my friends, God says to 'Count it all joy when you fall into various trials and tribulations...' I believe that if things aren't going wrong in your life, if you aren't facing some sort of something.. and don't get me wrong it doesn't have to be something catastrophic... Then you are not in God's will. Because if you are striving to do God's will in your life then the DEVIL will be fighting back. If you aren't working for God, the devil has you in his grips, so why mess with you? So, this is my challenge to my readers I guess... Are you striving? Or are you content with the worldly things around you?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

In Memory

Today marks 6 months that a dear friend has passed. TJ was a wonderful christian guy who made a lot of people smile. Even though I didn't know him personally, my good friend Courtney's love and devotion for him has made it seem as if I knew him. We have sat countless times in silence... neither really knowing what to say about the cancer that took a young man's life so suddenly. Today I am praying especially for her, and his family that were all deeply affected by this tragedy. My life has forever been changed by Courtney, and I thank God for her every day. I only hope that one day she will be able to feel the comfort and peace that I pray over her for and that God so abundantly supplies. Strength during this hard time... Lord, she needs it.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

All in the eye of the beholder.

Before I get to the main point of my blog today I want to share with you a wonderful breakfast that I now enjoy. Each morning I get up at 5am, get ready and head in to work, so the need for a quick and easy breakfast is great. So... after two weeks of eating crackers I decided to try something different... it is an idea that stemmed off of a few recipes from Mary Allison, and my love for Chick-fil-A parfaits. Now, mine is very simple... I just put vanilla yogurt in a bowl and then pour some 'Honey bunches of Oats - Just bunches' on top. Stir, or don't... it's whatever.. haha and enjoy! This keeps me full all the way until lunchtime, and that is a major bonus!

So... now for what I really want to talk about today... please, look at the picture below and tell me, or say out loud what you think this object is:

Many of you might have said....

Binder clips
Office Supplies
and other things....

However, a friend of mine once told me a story that gave me a different perspective.... 

So, now, look at this picture and tell me what you see:

Ok... what did you see? The same thing or something different? A friend of mine named CJ once told me and a few other friends... look at this binder clip, now... look at it this way. What do you see? Well I see a 'Barbie Purse' when you are playing with your barbies this is the perfect little purse to just hang on their wrist. Ok.. now I know you are looking back at the picture and you see it!! HAHA! Doesn't that make you laugh?

I shared this story with my co-worker Cheryl and she definitely got a kick out of it. What brought this memory from my mind... well my desk at the office is filled with binder clips of all sizes... and every time I look at them all I can think of is 'Barbie purses'. And every time it makes me smile. 

I thank God for making me so easy to please. I love taking joy in everyday wonders and just random things, even office supplies. I hope this post made you laugh... and potentially, I have now created a monster in you... if you see these at your work you will probably think 'oh, it's a barbie purse'. But at least you don't have to resist the urge to call it that in front of EVERY construction worker that comes into your office. :) Ahh the joys of working with all men. lol

I hope you are all having a great week. For me, it's way past my bed time... Night!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Productivity makes me so happy! Today I was a busy little bee, going to work, class and then work again. I let some work tasks overwhelm me last week and I left them for the weekend, allowing God to rest my soul, heart, and mind. When I got to work this morning I tackled all my tasks due of me, and a few new ones just added to my 'to-do' jobs, today. I also learned another task at work, entering time for our shop workers. So, I accomplished everything I already knew how to do and have things up to date, took on a new task, and learned something new. MAN! I love days like today.

Gabby and I went out for dinner, she was craving just what I wanted... pizza. :) I love when the week starts on Tuesday; things just seem to run much smoother and faster. I bought my dad his birthday present today. He will be turning 63 this Saturday, September 11. I am excited to make the drive home to see my family and hopefully I will get to stop and see a few friends. Friday night, Saturday and Sunday morning just isn't enough time to see all the people that I want to see back home.. but hey, I'll take what I can get.

God's timing is perfect... I experienced this through a friend of mines life, and then shortly after my own life this weekend. I love when God speaks.. it calms my soul like no other.

I am finally settling into my schedule and working hard to keep up with full time school and a full time job. I had the opportunity to clean my house, room and bathroom on this three day weekend, as well as work on homework and take the opportunity to rest. I am thankful for all that God has given me and the ability to have fun and work hard too.

But, I must get on to some homework now.... I try to get to sleep early considering the day starts at 5am for me now.

Monday, September 6, 2010

My first day off... with PAY!!!

So today is of course the lovely Labor Day. And I, among the other college students, school children, and many other Americans are enjoying the day off. However, this year, this holiday is a little different for me... I am getting PAID! That's right, 8 hours of pay, to sit at home, sleep in, and relax. Let's just say, I'M LOVIN' IT! I cooked lunch for myself, a nice lunch of braised pork chops and au gratin potatoes, and have started yummy dinner for my roommates and some friends. Man, do I love my crock pot! I am cooking stuffed bell peppers and they smell amazing.

So,  I woke up for work as usual at 5am this morning.. and then smiled to myself, and thought, I'm about to be paid to get a few more hours of sleep. Everything I do today comes with the thought that I am getting paid to do it. I am truly blessed with my job and I am excited that I have found such an amazing job especially in our economy.

I attended my first Alabama football game as a student this weekend. The Crimson Tide rolled over San Jose State coming out with a win of 48-3. I enjoyed tailgating for the first time with my church, Ridgecrest and their college ministry then had a great time with my roommates and their friends at the game. I am so blessed to have Christian roommates who believe in God and have a passion for His purpose. All the many prayers that were lifted up by myself and others as I made this transition to Tuscaloosa have been answered in a way that only God could do. I am blessed.

So what else shall I get paid to do today? I think I will clean my room, and then just relax... Wow.. it's great to get paid on a holiday!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I hate that I haven't been able to post in so long. I have so much to share with all of you... yet so little time. Last week I started my job... I am currently here now, as I write this. Work is great! I work with an amazing group of men, and the Sr. Office Associate has been really helpful and kind. She even got me a nameplate for my desk.. which makes me feel like I belong.

Now doesn't that look official??

I am tired... and my new schedule is going to take some getting used to. I go in at 6am every morning, so that I can get my 40 hours around my classes. But, God has truly blessed, there are so many factors that I could forsee making me hate my job, but I love it. I am truly blessed to work at UA.

Now, for classes, I have three of them; two of which are going pretty well and one that I am really having to work at. So I guess I can say classes are going well too. I officially have no life, and I quess that's ok, since it's pretty much just me up here. I went home this weekend for a family reunion, and every time I go home it is harder to come back... but when I am here I am happy.

I had a great but whirlwind weekend with my family, and I even managed to squeeze in a driving lesson with Daniel. HAHA! Lord bless him for his patience with me. But I did drive our friend James' stick shift car, all around campus. I am thankful for all of my guys. If it weren't for them, I'd go nuts. Sometimes, girls are just unbearable. I even had dinner and played dominoes with Daniel, James, Sean, Adam and Curt. What a great time. And, friday on my way to town Daniel, Derrick and Sean met me for dinner in Montgomery. What a great time. I honestly know the greatest guys in the world. Each of them are great Christian men, and there friendship cannot be beat. I know that one day each of these guys will find a wonderful woman in which God has made for them, and boy, will they be blessed.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Pruning Process

God has really been dealing with me the past well.. forever. But especially the past six months. Last night I became broken before God and just couldn't contain my tears. I had a pretty good and relaxing day and even went to dinner and saw the movie Eat, Pray, Love with my roommate Emily. But I found myself last night unable to contain my emotions. I couldn't wait to get to my apartment and my bedroom so that I could let it all out, or at least try to calm down.

So there I was, in my room, uncontrollably crying to the point where I couldn't breathe. I called Charity and texted Courtney. Charity always knows how to calm me down just by talking with me. She is such a spiritual inspiration to me and I love her. So after sobbing and telling her that nothing really was wrong but that everything was all at the same time I was thankful that she understood what I was feeling. As much as I love it here I have recently realized that I dropped my entire life back home to pursue this college dream of mine. Sometimes, I have an overwhelming heartache to go back to the comfortable wonderful life I led. And I miss that life. But I know that something, well, many things that are great will come out of this.

God gives me assurance that this is his will through many things. As Charity told me, it's hard, but God has opened this opportunity for me, for a reason. This morning I attended Ridgecrest Baptist Church, the church my sister Beverly attended while living in Tuscaloosa. In the College Sunday School class God clearly spoke to me. The class has been going through the book Secrets of the Vine talking about John chapter 15. Today the lesson was on the pruning process and how God works in our lives and prunes us so that we may bring forth more abundant and better fruit.

I believe that in my quest to follow God's direction for my life there will always be, and should always be pruning. When nothing is going on in your life, you are in the hands of the devil. But for the past two years I have been focusing on God taking out of my life what hinders me from fully following Him. Now, I knew this request wouldn't always be easy... And that is what I am experiencing right now. God however, won't give you anything you can't handle. And I have realized that he has prepared me for this in many ways. Last summer I went through some smaller pruning when I first began to seek out God's desire for me to de-cluter my life. In a matter of months I found a new job with the math department and was able to quit my HORRIBLE and stressful job at the Bookstore on campus. My friendships changed, and as much as that hurt I realize what a blessing it has been and I am thankful. And Sean found an amazing job as well. My life was ridded of excess stress, drama and financial burdens all in a week. I am in AWE of God's power.

Now looking back, those things were a lot easier to handle than this prune that I am going through. I have totally removed myself from my comfort zone. The friends I love, the family I cherish, and the relationships I hold so dear. I am not exactly sure what God is going to do with my life and what he will eventually completely cut out through all of this, but I know that in the end it will be a true blessing. As Becky said today in class, God knows what is best for us. And we as Christians are like teenagers, always thinking we know what is right.

This pruning, though painful and hard to bear, will give me a greater understanding of God's plan for me, and a simpler, more blessed life. I trust God and I commit all of this into His hands. I pray that He lead and guide me, and for Him to also comfort me.

Nothing worth it is ever easy. Praise be to God!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

God's song for me right now.

Whatever Your Doing 
By Sanctus Real

It's time for healing time to move on 
It's time to fix what's been broken too long
Time make right what has been wrong 
It's time to find my way to where I belong
There's a wave that's crashing over me 
All I can do is surrender

Whatever you're doing inside of me 
It feels like chaos somehow there's peace
It's hard to surrender to what I can't see
but I'm giving in to something heavenly

Time for a milestone
Time to begin again
Revaluate who I really am
Am I doing everything to follow your will
or just climbing aimlessly over these hills
So show me what it is you want from me
I give everything I surrender...


Time to face up
Clean this old house
Time to breathe in and let everything out
That I've wanted to say for so many years
Time to to release all my held back tears

Whatever you're doing inside of me 
It feels like chaos but I believe
You're up to something bigger than me 
Larger than life something heavenly

Whatever you're doing inside of me 
It feels like chaos but now I can see 
This something bigger than me 
Larger than life something heavenly
Something heavenly

It's time to face up
Clean this old house 
Time breathe in and let everything out

Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's Official!

It is official! I have had my first classes at UA and I received my official job offer in the mail today! Monday I go in at 8am to start work! I am very excited. It is going to take a little time to get back in the swing of college math as opposed to high school math teaching. So, as of right now... my classes are somewhat scary, but I don't think they will be too hard.

Tonight I went with Casey to the BCM for 'Ice Cream and Church and Church'. It was a time for us to each ice cream and meet local churches and their college ministry staff. While in Tuscaloosa, my sister Beverly went to Ridgecrest Baptist and I have chosen to visit there this Sunday to see how I like it. I have been a few times when I was younger and I am excited to go back. The college ministry staff was very fun and exciting and I am ready for Sunday to be here. I really want to get involved and be plugged in to a church.

Have I told you about Casey? I am not sure... so.. here goes. I keep talking about her so I figure I should introduce her. Casey is a girl that I met in high school through a leadership program CYYLP, otherwise known as Coffee County Youth Leadership. Well, she went to Samford for undergrad and now is at UA for grad school. It was so great to bump into a friend that I already knew and loved and get to be back in touch with her. :)

Now... for a few pictures.... I hope you like them!

I finally got some stuff up on my walls... so this is what my room in my apartment looks like!

Of course... if you know me.. you know my life is consumed with BLUE and GREEN. I absolutely love it! And for my bed... I went with a more plain spread and sheets so that the would stay in 'style' longer and I could get years of use from them! 

My desk and dresser area are cluttered... but I am working on that. :) 

Bathroom! :) 

The first page of my official job offer and acceptance letter! I am so thankful to be employed by UA!

Student ID!! I couldn't wipe the smile off my face on the way to my first class. It is a dream come true to be a student at UA. Life is grand and this campus is mesmerizing to me....