Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas time is here

There is mistletoe hung in my office, Christmas carols playing on my Pandora and so much joy in the air. However, let us take the time to remember those hurting this time of year. For those who have experienced loss, of any kind... Christmas and many other holidays just pound in the hurt. I have many friends who have lost so much this year, and who have been through so much. Don't force others to put on a happy face, accept the hard time and comfort those with the love of Christ. Make sure in your devotional time to pray for the sick and hurting... pray that the joy of Christmas may become vivid even through the pain.

Lord, please bless the hurting... those who I must not name.. as much as I have to be thankful for dear Lord I just pray that you would immensely bless these beyond compare in this season. I pray that you would lead and guide them with your comforting hand dear God and that you would wash their sorrows and give them comfort like only you can.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


For the past three weeks it has been a nightly struggle to live in my apartment. I say nightly, because I am only home to sleep. HA! But seriously, I live in the back bedroom of my apartment and conveniently enough the heat has yet to be able to make it back to my room.

Thankfully I work at a maintenance shop and discussed the problems with the guys on the management team. Only after a short conversation, I had an answer my apartment maintenance man couldn't seem to think of. The duct leading to my room has collapsed, therefore keeping air flow from coming into my room. Now, the sweet maintenance man lives two floors above me and has tired time and again little 'handy-man' fixes for my room, all to no avail. I explained to him what my managers had said and he agreed that it sounded like the right problem. However, as in all mass built apartment complexes, there is no way to get in between the floors to the ducts.

The wonderful guys at work borrowed a thermometer from the AC shop so that I could record the temperature in my room for physical evidence. My room consistently stays at least 5 degrees colder than the thermostat setting and this morning at 7:45 I woke up to a frigid 64 degree room temperature. This is after the sun came up, mind you... and that heats up the room.

I have since adapted my simple pajamas of a t shirt and shorts to sweatpants, a long sleeve shirt, a sweatshirt, and socks. Some mornings, like today, I still wake up cold... However I can't smoke my other roommates out of the house by continually turning up the heat for warmth that only goes into their rooms.

My roommate Emily graduated yesterday, and I am to move into her room as soon as possible. My apartment said they cannot fix my room, so my only option is to move. I am just thankful all I have to do is move across the hall... Thankfully my college minister at church and a few other people are going to help me with the move, I only have a few big things, other than that... I don't have much stuff. :)

Warm and fuzzy news of late? My study buddy and friend Anne Kimball got me a WoodWick candle... I have never had one, only seen them at friends houses... and I am so happy to have it! It has a literal name as the candle bears a wooden wick, when you burn this candle, it crackles like a fire. I absolutely love it!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'm BACK!!!

Finals are over and I am back to life!! The question many people have asked me is, 'Was it what you expected?'

Honestly, six months ago I was ready to give up my dream of graduate school, marry the man I love, and just become a teacher with a wonderful home and family. And this has been a constant struggle throughout this semester. But I come to realize that Sean only helped me grow closer to God; and that our decision not to hinder each other's individual dreams in order to have a life together has truly blessed each of us!

Sean is my best friend, and I love just talking to him whenever, and picking on him. He is always there when I need him, and definitely there to help when something goes wrong.. with my car or something... that I am not quite sure how to fix.

This semester hasn't been at all what I expected! I thought that I was busy in undergrad... MAN! was I WRONG! Throughout my undergraduate career I was involved in my major, band, my music fraternity and so many other things including friends and family.... Looking back, so many people told me I had no time... Hah... if only you could have seen me this semester.

Let's recap. I go to work every morning at 6am (where I am now, typing this) and I work... then I get off work, go to class until about 6pm, then I go home or to Starbucks to study. As my luck would have it, EVERY last one of my finals were yesterday... So, I took the day off work, got up, got ready, started dinner in the crock pot, and did a few last minute preparations for my tests. The first test felt great, and after spending literally 20 hours a week on this one class, (yes, I logged the time!) I am proud to say every second of my hard work payed off and I earned an A in the course! Now I am waiting for my other grades to be posted... and hopefully that will be by Friday.

I can honestly say that I am truly blessed, and truly thankful to have gone through all that I went through in the major change in my life. I am blessed with a wonderful job, an amazing school at which to obtain my education, and a great church that makes me feel right at home. This semester has definitely been a growing process, and I feel God working in me. As I continue to seek His will for my life each and every second of my day, I know that He will protect and care for me, and He will give me everything I need.

I am done with my first semester of Graduate school! It was definitely harder than expected, especially with a full time job. And it more than exceeded the amount of time that I thought I would ever spend studying or working on material for a class. I have never in my life had every second of my life so deeply engrossed in something that I didn't have a second to breathe, until now. But I am a stronger person for it.

I believe in full effect that now that I understand how things must be done next semester will go much smoother. I am excited for a month of just working... when I get off work, I will be done with my day! I am planning on starting my Christmas shopping, reading, and just relaxing! I am so excited and so happy to have time to be blogging again!