Saturday, December 8, 2012


Honestly, three years ago I thought that my life would never come to this point. But here I am writing about the day my heart desired.

It happened... and it was REAL!

On December 2, 2012 I travelled to meet Hunter during drill for the annual Christmas party. Since this was a dining out, I even asked Hunter what I should wear. In hindsight.. this worked out perfectly for Hunter.. as he got to choose every detail, even down to what I would be wearing.

I met a bunch of soldiers and their families as Hunter walked with me and showed me around. Hunter, as an officer in training had to serve the food to all the soldiers with the other officers, and so I waited until the end to get my plate and then he was able to quickly join me at the table.

After we ate we just sat and mingled. Hunter told me he would be right back. Before I knew it, he was near the stage, and his commanding officer said that Hunter had to make an announcement. Hunter took the microphone, and asked me to come to the stage. I was scared to death! I did not want to go on stage in front of all those people! But, I got up, and made my way to the front. I heard a soldier scream out from the back 'oh no! He's going to propose!' and my heart started racing even more.

When I got to the stage Hunter was grinning from ear to ear. He then got down on one knee, and said: 'Will you marry me, Keri Flowers?' I can't begin to tell you the millions of thoughts that were running through my head... how my mind was racing as fast as my heart. I was honestly shocked!! I got him to move the microphone away from his face and asked, 'Hunter, are you kidding?!'. When he said no, I was overjoyed! It was then that I responded, and I believe all I said was, ok!

Wow. What a day. I went the rest of the weekend in pure shock. We had talked about marriage, but in the future.. we even joked just last week about not getting married until 2018... wow. What a difference!

I am so happy, and so glad to have a wonderful guy who wants to be with me forever!

Where I was asking if he was kidding... :)


168th Engineering Company.. where it all happened!

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