Saturday, January 18, 2014

Grace through the middle

Quite a lot has changed since my last post... and I don't believe that I will be posting here any more. I am no longer engaged... and I will spare the world the details. It has been a while since it happened.... and I am not sure where this journey will take me next. I feel as if I live a thousand days while others just live one.. but eventually I will be ok, and everything will work out somehow. Right now, I am just focusing on getting through now.

'We were made with purpose and our Savior promises joy in the end. But making it through the middle? That's a different story.'

Saturday, December 8, 2012


Honestly, three years ago I thought that my life would never come to this point. But here I am writing about the day my heart desired.

It happened... and it was REAL!

On December 2, 2012 I travelled to meet Hunter during drill for the annual Christmas party. Since this was a dining out, I even asked Hunter what I should wear. In hindsight.. this worked out perfectly for Hunter.. as he got to choose every detail, even down to what I would be wearing.

I met a bunch of soldiers and their families as Hunter walked with me and showed me around. Hunter, as an officer in training had to serve the food to all the soldiers with the other officers, and so I waited until the end to get my plate and then he was able to quickly join me at the table.

After we ate we just sat and mingled. Hunter told me he would be right back. Before I knew it, he was near the stage, and his commanding officer said that Hunter had to make an announcement. Hunter took the microphone, and asked me to come to the stage. I was scared to death! I did not want to go on stage in front of all those people! But, I got up, and made my way to the front. I heard a soldier scream out from the back 'oh no! He's going to propose!' and my heart started racing even more.

When I got to the stage Hunter was grinning from ear to ear. He then got down on one knee, and said: 'Will you marry me, Keri Flowers?' I can't begin to tell you the millions of thoughts that were running through my head... how my mind was racing as fast as my heart. I was honestly shocked!! I got him to move the microphone away from his face and asked, 'Hunter, are you kidding?!'. When he said no, I was overjoyed! It was then that I responded, and I believe all I said was, ok!

Wow. What a day. I went the rest of the weekend in pure shock. We had talked about marriage, but in the future.. we even joked just last week about not getting married until 2018... wow. What a difference!

I am so happy, and so glad to have a wonderful guy who wants to be with me forever!

Where I was asking if he was kidding... :)


168th Engineering Company.. where it all happened!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

My new life

Life is wild! But... isn't it always? I have successfully completed my first nine weeks of teaching, and I am halfway through my second! Wow, how time is flying.

This week was American Education week and the week was filled with fun gifts and food from our administrators. Friday teachers received "You Rock Because..." cards from students. Students were given the opportunity to write to their teachers.. but it was all volunteer.

A few that I received were simple reminders of why I am a teacher and why I do what I do. For safety reasons... the names and partial messages are removed.

Student #1 "You are the first teacher to teach math all the way, none of my other teachers taught like you do..."

Student #2 " rework problems and answer all my questions...."

Student #3 ".... you are not my favorite teacher, but I learn the most from you... my other teachers don't have the classroom management that you do...."

I received many more sweet cards... but these few meant the most. Yes, I am not here to be your friend. I am here to help you learn... and it is good to know that I am doing just that!!

Praise the Lord!

Monday, August 27, 2012

The thoughts that plague me

There are times when I just cannot hold it together. There are times when my relationships, with people, and with God suffer. Recently I have been down... down so much so that I didn't know what to do... For five years I cried out, literally to God to heal my friend... things have only gotten worse... And it has been hard to deal with.

Today, I got a text of encouragement from my friend. I have been doing a lot of thinking lately... and How God is in control... and we may never understand. But imagine, how humbling it is to be encouraged by one who cannot live a normal life.. when I am here... driving myself crazy for more.

I must be thankful for what I have, yet conscious of what I don't. Because it is God's perfect plan that makes me who I am.

It is all a journey we continue on... We may never fully understand.. but it isn't the understanding that matters. It is how we walk. Will I learn to continue to walk with the Lord even when times are hard? How about when times are great?

Lord... reel me in. Hold me and never let go. Keep my eyes focused on you.. and when I stray (because I know it will), bring me back... and make me new again. Amen

Friday, August 10, 2012

Goodbye's are the hardest

Tomorrow, Saturday, is my last day working for the University. It is move in, so yes, we are working on Saturday's and Sunday's for the next two weeks.

I walked in to work this morning to see this... and the fighting back tears began. The past two years at my first big girl job have been great. 

I appreciate the family that I have gained through working here, and the people who have greatly impacted my life. It has been a blessing and a God send, and I know that these are people I will never forget. I love Building Maintenance, and I will miss taking care of my 80 brothers, and my Tuscaloosa dads. I love you guys! Thank you for everything!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Out of it... and randomness

I am COMPLETELY out of it.. between working two jobs, band camp, moving, my dad being sick and the crazy other happenings of life I am totally out of it.. I even forget to read the blogs I love to follow. My life is in a whirlwind right now.

I need your prayers, for my stress level, my anxiety, and to strengthen my walk with the Lord despite all the crazy times. It always seems when things get tough.. God is the first one we forget, and it should be that way.

It is so weird training someone to take my job..and at the same time trying to get ready for a new job.

My roommate Gabby, her boyfriend Chad and Hunter all helped me paint my classroom Tuesday night. It is coming along great! I am very excited about the crisp clean feel that a fresh coat of paint gives.

Here's to new beginnings, calming tides and hopes of all worries left behind you. Do you ever get really upset and have that urge to post it all over social media? Yeah, me too... but lately, I have been trying to control that more and more. It is unnecessary to complain all the time online, only those who seek attention "need" that. And, think of how long people made it through life without social medial. Find a friend, sorry folks Mary-Anne is taken, and talk it out. It really helps to have a best friend who you can be totally honest with. LOVE HER!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

'You don't know me'

Recently I have had varying comments on my capabilities of a teacher... whether it be that I was too nice... that I was too small or anything of that nature. It greatly upset me that so many people felt that I was unable to control a classroom and lead a group of students.

However, I am here to tell you that size, stature, nor level of anger matter in a classroom. I personally believe that I can be nice to those around me, yet still be able to have control and be in charge of a classroom. Mean people make mean teachers... you don't want your child's teacher just being rude.. You want your child to learn.

I have only lived here for two years, and frankly I just have to say the people don't know me well enough to judge my abilities as a teacher. My life before this was deeply rooted in teaching, and even though now I have been in an office for two years, I don't think I have completely lost sight of my goal.

People are so judgemental, and may even judge without the facts. I am sad to leave my job, but excited for what lies ahead. May each of your eyes be opened, and may your hearts be softened to those around you... rudeness or what you feel is blatant 'honesty' is never necessary.

Joss and Main

In my quest to find affordable yet quality furniture for my new apartment I stumbled upon this website. It is a member's only site and you can join through my by clicking here. It is great seeing all the beautiful furniture that is available.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


The hardest thing has been keeping this bit of good news under wraps since May 31st, well... not really. ;)  But, as many of you know.. at this point in my journey it has come time for me to leave my job at the University to pursue a job in my chosen field.

I have kept my employers fully informed throughout the whole process, and they even helped in recommending me for positions!

I am proud to accept a position as a teacher at a high school in Tuscaloosa County! Now, the search for a place to live for the next year... and finishing up my current job, while preparing my replacement for their responsibilities. I am so excited!! I will be sad to leave many of my coworkers, but I know that they will always be good friends of mine. I have been truly blessed.. even in the hard times, with this job.

As of the board meeting last night, I officially will have a new job in August!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Farm Fresh

I will never forget the first time someone asked if I had ever been to a farmers market... my response was simple, no.. my daddy is the farmers market at my house. Living on my own in the city has definitely made me much more appreciative of all the bountiful things that come from my dad and mom's hard work. Here are the goodies I got to bring back from my last trip home!

There are red potatoes, okra, squash, corn and white potatoes (like Russet). YUM! I just love getting to cook all of this home grown food! What a blessing!