Thursday, July 26, 2012

Out of it... and randomness

I am COMPLETELY out of it.. between working two jobs, band camp, moving, my dad being sick and the crazy other happenings of life I am totally out of it.. I even forget to read the blogs I love to follow. My life is in a whirlwind right now.

I need your prayers, for my stress level, my anxiety, and to strengthen my walk with the Lord despite all the crazy times. It always seems when things get tough.. God is the first one we forget, and it should be that way.

It is so weird training someone to take my job..and at the same time trying to get ready for a new job.

My roommate Gabby, her boyfriend Chad and Hunter all helped me paint my classroom Tuesday night. It is coming along great! I am very excited about the crisp clean feel that a fresh coat of paint gives.

Here's to new beginnings, calming tides and hopes of all worries left behind you. Do you ever get really upset and have that urge to post it all over social media? Yeah, me too... but lately, I have been trying to control that more and more. It is unnecessary to complain all the time online, only those who seek attention "need" that. And, think of how long people made it through life without social medial. Find a friend, sorry folks Mary-Anne is taken, and talk it out. It really helps to have a best friend who you can be totally honest with. LOVE HER!

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