Monday, June 28, 2010

My humble abode

The past few days after camp have been filled with nothing but packing. I am thankful for all of the friends that have helped me go through, throw out, organize and pack up my house!! I have gotten many boxes put away and a few to take with my Wednesday when I make the big move. :) I have been busy throwing out as much junk as I can. A girl can collect a lot of stuff in 4 years of college! And I am separating things into piles to take with me and piles to send to my mom and dad's for safekeeping. (aka this lovely picture to the right)

Today Donna and I finished switching all of the bills into her name and things are coming quickly now. It all won't be real until I actually stay in my apartment on Wednesday night... and then move in for good the following Monday, after all I must come home for a wedding and the 4th!

Funny things begin to happen now... like the fact that I have lived on a dirt road for three years, and when I get home from APAC I find a partially paved road. They are working on it as I type! I am excited to see that the place is getting a few much needed upgrades but also saddened that I cannot stay to enjoy them. But it is all a part of my journey. I have my football tickets purchased and I am working on updating my resume so that I can start applying for jobs. I am taking a few skills tests required by most University jobs on Thursday and then I can start submitting applications. I hope that I find a great job that is flexible with my schedule. I have an idea of a job... just a fun thing that will help me out a little bit here and there.. but that will be another blog if God so leads.

Here are a few pictures of the construction going on outside. I know it may seem silly... but this is a monumental occasion. :) I am excited about less dirt and no washed out driveways that this road paving will give to Donna. 

But alas, I must go and continue to pack. I am almost finished I think. And I am excited for the opportunities God is giving me. His blessings continue to abound....  for God is good, ALL the time. 

Saturday, June 26, 2010

A friend in need

In the spring I became really close with a fellow intern and during that time she experienced a lot of great trials that no 21 year old, or anyone for that matter, should have to endure. I have spent many nights staying up late with her because the pain was so great she couldn't sleep.. and I have cried many tears for her.

She is probably the strongest person I know, and through it all she has remained a rock, only allowing herself to publicly break down once or twice... I feel that God gave me to her to shed tears for her.. and that He gave her to me to help me through a difficult time in my life by showing me how truly blessed I was and still am.

Tonight is particularly hard, like this past thursday night, because she is in Birmingham for the summer and I feel that I cannot be there for her when she needs me. I think that I am most excited about moving to Tuscaloosa this wednesday because I will be so much closer to her, but I am also scared because I know when school starts she will be back in Troy and we will once again be far away.

My heart cries out to God for her so often... And I know He comforts her in a way only He can. Right now I just ask that she be lifted up in prayer, to know that she is loved and cared for... and that everything will be ok. Sometimes I wish that I could just magically appear when she needs me... and I just hurt because I am so far away. Her friendship is something that I truly value and is a friendship like I have never had before (in more ways than one, haha).

God, I ask right now that You lay Your hands upon her, show her Your love and mercy. Teach her God that all things become new and to count her blessings. Show her Lord that when the way is tough that You are there to carry her. Bless her God, as only You can.. Lift her up Lord, comfort her, draw her close to you... 

Thursday, June 17, 2010

My New Home

Tuesday was filled with a lot of driving and a lot of looking... Things are so expensive in Tuscaloosa.. However, I see this year of graduate school as a transitional year between childhood and adulthood. A lot of people only think of age as a factor in who they consider an adult. When most people turn 18 people tell them, now you are legally an adult. However, I feel adulthood has more to do with maturity, respect and responsibility. No certain event in your life can make you an adult. I have friends that are married and are still children themselves!

Now, don't get me wrong. I don't think that an adult is a ho-hum, never have fun, kind of person. I just think it takes a different mindset and knowledge to be an adult.

When I graduated college and began the quest for a job or graduate school I began to really feel like an adult. Being financially sound is something that is very important to me, as well as many other people I am sure. I feel part of what makes you grow into adulthood is responsibility. Some of those responsibilities include money management. I have been fortunate to have been able to live on my own for the past four years. I feel that I have learned and gained much from working three jobs at a time and taking care of all of my bills. There have definitely been some rough times, but I feel that those make you appreciate the good times. I am not saying I have ever had it all together... but I do feel that I have learned a lot from paying for my trailer, my electricity and internet. I have also paid my car insurance... the only thing I haven't had to pay for is my health insurance... the only thing my parents kept paying throughout college.

Now, before you start bashing my parents, they were more than willing to pay for anything we (Donna and I) needed during college, and if I had ever needed help financially they would have gladly given money. But I say this to say that I never had to ask for money, and for that I am kind of proud.

But I guess I should get back to the point. When I got accepted to graduate school my search for a teaching job in the area ended. I had already applied for many jobs, but I made the decision that if the opportunity for graduate school presented itself I would take it. So a week after graduation, I received my acceptance letter!

I feel that my decision to continue in school is a decision to continue childhood for another year. People in college think they are adults, but until we experience the real world of jobs and other responsibilities, we won't really know.

With all that being said... this situation has greatly influenced my living situation.. and that is why the above rant was relevant to today's post. ;) There is a method to my madness. I have chosen to live with roommates in a lovely apartment community, called Boardwalk, about two miles outside of campus. It is a four bedroom, four bath apartment and I individually lease my bedroom and bathroom. (Much like Troy Place and University Corners if you are familiar with Troy). I will be placed with other graduate females and I am excited for the opportunity to make new friends. I am very lucky to have this extended stay in childhood... but I am very eager to finish and begin adulthood.

One day I dream of a great job with a place of my own... soon and very soon that will come. I am excited for what this year has in store and now that I have a place to live I am on the quest for a great job! I am praying for patience as this journey continues. For God's guidance as I seek out a church to become involved in and his comfort and blessings throughout this journey.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Collegiate Refugee

Saturday night I once again became what I affectionately have named as a "refugee". Everyone knows that my twin and I are two totally opposite people... and there are some things we just don't agree on. Well we have lived together for four years now and there are still some issues.. as with everyone who lives together.. that you just learn to live with.

Saturday night she had some friends over to enjoy a night of fun coupled with a particular drink that I do not approve of at all. I was out with friends that night as well and didn't get back to the house until midnight. However, when I got there I was greeted with nowhere to park at my own home (***something she complains about immensely***) and a bunch of loud boisterous people that I didn't know... and a few I did.

I tried to ignore it and went straight back to my room, smiling all the while trying to be friendly to her guests. As I tried to settle down for the night the crowd just kept getting louder. It was then that I called Sean to seek refuge. Now, here is my situation... I am uncomfortable in my own house.. and yet, I don't want to stay at Sean's... because yeah... that just looks bad. So I tossed and turned with the idea until I went into my bathroom... and now.. this may seem silly, but I have a few pet peeves which isn't good when my bathroom is used at the guest bathroom for guests that I don't appreciate. So, problem #1  -  the toilet seat was up. I believe any man, who has any respect for a woman, will once finished in the restroom, put the seat back down, especially in a house of only girls!! Problem #2 - I am extremely OCD, and when someone knocks my rug off center in the middle of the bathroom floor and doesn't bother to fix it... well it drives me crazy on the inside. Silly I know, but true. :)

So, that was the last straw. I grabbed clothes to sleep in and my contact solution and left. I went to Sean's and slept on an air mattress in his spare room. In the end, I was just thankful for a place to go... And thankfully Derrick nor Sean minded me invading for a night. I got up early that morning and left to get ready for church.. which was an amazing service... and God's blessings were evident. He always knows how to take my mind off my troubles.

Another random rant about Donna. For graduation we divided up our thank you cards and each were supposed to do half... if you know my sister you know this was an impossible idea and I should have done all of them to begin with... but I was trying to be adult and fair and divide the workload. So my half got done two weeks after graduation when I returned from my trip to DC.

Today I ended up doing Donna's half... I discovered she hadn't done them yet and that well, kind of made me mad. It took me all of 20 minutes to write, address and send those thank you cards... The moral of the story.. I know my sister, and I should have done it to begin with in the first place. She has a lot of growing up to do.. and I think that me moving out and away will be beneficial to us both.

I am headed to Tuscaloosa with my mom and dad tomorrow to find a place to live! I am really excited for this chapter in my life to become a reality... Pictures and stories from tomorrows adventure are sure to follow!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summertime Fun

The beach isn't something I normally would enjoy, but when my friend BP invited me and some other friends a couple of months ago to stay at his girlfriend Paty's beach house this past weekend I was really excited. Even though the beach isn't necessarily my forte, spending time with my friends definitely is.

So Katie, Adam, Sean and I headed down to Mexico Beach, FL this past Saturday morning on my first beach weekend excursion. This past Christmas my parents got me a GPS and it was fun getting to use it on the trip. Adam used his and I used mine and we both ended up being taken two different ways to the beach house. It was definitely an adventure and after getting stuck in 3 miles of bumper to bumper traffic Sean and I made it just minutes after Katie and Adam. **We could like to think that our way was faster and that if we hadn't been delayed we would have beat them... It's a man thing**

The house was a beautiful yellow just down the road from the beach. It was beautifully decorated and filled with friends. :) We got settled in and headed to the beach... it was filled with seaweed our first day and no one really got in the water.. but we didn't care. We had a great time setting up our tent and just hanging out with everyone.

The night was filled with a wonderful visit from our friend Kelly who happened to live just minutes away and David Samuel.. the most amazing guy on the planet. :) We grilled out for dinner and followed it by playing cranium.

Then David serenaded us with his piano playing into the night. Katie, Adam, David and myself spent the first night in a cute little room with four bunk beds. The bunk beds were color coordinated and Katie took the green bed, I took the light blue bed, and Adam took the dark blue bed... what bed did we stick David with? ha ha The pink one! It was great getting to spend time with an old friend that now lives so far away. David was "mad" at me for planning on going to Alabama... (because it will mean we are farther away). So plans for trips to see David are a must!

Sunday we woke early to watch the French Open final with Katie and Adam... Nadal ended up beating Soderling and Katie was sad... but it was a great game! and I loved Nadal's blue and green uniform!

Sunday afternoon was filled with fun as the group went to a local ice cream shop to get our ice cream and internet fix. Our generation is lost without technology and Facebook. ha ha I am sure that Facebook will be the downfall of society, no matter how much I love it. After we finished our ice cream we started searching for geocaches in Mexico Beach. One was at the ice cream shop and it was fun working as a team to find it. We then went back to the house and changed for the beach. We then went to find more geocaches near the canal and then the group split, part going to the beach, and Adam, Katie, Sean and I continued to search for geocaches. It was great exploring a new place and trying to find different little treasures. If you have never been geocaching you should try it! There are millions of geocaches world wide and plenty should be in a town near you.. I mean... if Troy has them... EVERYONE should. Learn more about Geocaching.

Monday was another great day... we relaxed in the morning and played Little Big Planet, Spades, Chess, and Checkers as well as other family friendly games. That afternoon we went to the beach and were finally able to get into the water with minimal seaweed! I ventured into the water which is a rare thing for me since I am really OCD. After being scared away by a school of fish I tried for a second time and had a great time jumping the waves and laughing at Sean and Adam in Adam's adventure zone (the part of the ocean close to the shore where the waves are breaking violently).

We then ventured back to the house to get showers and pack for home. I had a great time meeting some amazing Georgia people and spending time with friends. I am now back in Troy and ready to get things done around the house and settle back in. I had a great time at the beach and can't wait to have another amazing trip with my amazing friends. I am truly blessed beyond belief by God!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

God is in control

Sometimes, God gives us things in life that seem almost unbearable. In the teenage and college years, most of those trials are centered around relationships. No matter what situation, God is in control and He knows what He is doing. This statement is something easily said, but not done. I have recently begun to struggle with the fact a lot.

I have recently ended an almost three year relationship with a guy that I still consider to be my best friend. I am not sure why this has happened or what God is trying to show me through this. But my prayer is that God continue to work in me, show me and teach me what I should learn through this situation.

So often we go through things in order to help other in similar situations. I pray that everyone can keep their eyes focused on the goal, and running the race toward God. He is our strength and our refuge... a very present help in trouble.

My Journey

As I begin this new step in my life I have decided to write down a few things that catch my mind... I am more of a journal person... so we will see how this goes. I have just finished my Bachelor's degree and I will soon be heading to the University of Alabama to start my Master's degree. A lot of things will be changing in my life as I begin the step toward adulthood. Welcome to my roller coaster, welcome to my JOURNEY.