Thursday, April 19, 2012


It is only at the point at which you believe your life can only slow down, that it speeds up at an inevitably fast pace.

I have finished one class.. after a minor mishap, I was able to turn in my final exam (I made a 96!!) and I have received an A in the course. One class down, one to go.

About two weeks ago my fellow Office Associate decided to quit. This has been my first week all alone, not to jinx it.. but it has been great. I told myself I would just have to work smarter not harder, and increase my efficiency. Until we hire a replacement I am working 6am-4pm. I am ready for school to be over, because then it won't be so draining.. but honestly.. I am still madly in love with how great my job is. My management team is the best, the way they value me, and how they relate to me. I appreciate them beyond words. My guys have been helpful too, and that is always nice. It hasn't always been this rosy, but we are back on the right track.

So that is me in a nutshell... I am working 50+ hours and trying to get out of school at an alarming rate. Like I said, just when you think things will slow down. HAH!

I am so thankful how well this is going, yet ready to be done with a few things. I need a few things in my life to move over to the complete pile. :)

Side note: If you are a regular reader and you are willing to pray, please pray for my friend Steph. She needs relief from the pain and healing if possible. Thank you.

Friday, April 13, 2012


Wow, I honestly didn't mean to take a month long hiatus from writing, or reading other blogs for that matter. Things with life and school have been exceptionally crazy in the past month, and now that a few things are behind me, I plan to return and continue regularly posting. I will do my best to catch each of you up.