Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Break 2011

WOW! What a great week I have had, and thankfully it isn't over yet! I just can't brag enough about how great my job is.. I mean, not many working professionals can say they have spring break.

Last week was super stressful with tests in all my classes! However, I feel that I did well on all. What a great way to start my break! Donna came to Tuscaloosa on Friday and went to the Alabama vs. LSU gymnastics meet with me.

I left for DC on Saturday morning. Thanks to my SAI sisters I was able to be dropped off and picked up from the airport! Thanks Tori and Erin! I made it in to Virginia a little after 5pm, Mary-Anne picked me up from the airport and we went back to her home. We had a wonderful dinner and finished a great night with many episodes from season one of Glee, accompanied with popcorn. Considering I never have an ounce of free time it was great to just sit back and watch a little TV. Sunday, we went shopping! :) We started out at TJ Maxx, of course and found some great deals! Then, we fulfilled a recent obsession of ours. Anthropologie has many great outfits and such cute clothes, however they are EXPENSIVE! One thing on Mary-Anne's bucket list was to own something, even if just a hair accessory, from Anthropologie. So, off we went... After looking around the store and loving everything we headed to the clearance room. We each found a skirt on clearance to try on, and then picked a few things from the store to try on. After much fun and many great looks, we made a deal. We would buy our clearance item, and a full price item, ONLY if we loved it. As we tried on outfits we found that we loved most things.. but we stuck to the plan and each got our one clearance item and one full price item. After all, with the stress of school and work, we deserved it!

Here is what I got:
How cute are these skirts!?! They are work and everyday appropriate!!

Sunday night I was able to have lunch with and meet, Charles... And I am so proud that he and Mary-Anne have found each other. What a CUTE couple!

Monday I went in to work with Mary-Anne and was able to hang out at the House of Representatives while waiting for my tour of the capitol. I had a great time hanging out and my tour was AMAZING! I also got to sit in the House Gallery, which was beautiful. Being able to see what my vote enables was an amazing adventure. I spent the rest of the afternoon at the U.S. botanical gardens. I took many pictures of the beautiful flowers and just had a great time walking around. You can see all these pictures and more on my facebook. :)

Tuesday I had another tour, this one of the Supreme Court building. It was interesting to learn about the Supreme Court and browse the history and sit in the courtroom. Wednesday Mary-Anne and I were fortunate enough to have an appointment to meet and get our picture taken with Martha Roby, the Alabama, District 2 representative. She is so cute and was so nice!! We were even able to ride the elevator with her as she went to cast her vote. It was great just chatting with her, talking about her putting on her makeup, and the fact that in high school, she dated my boss!! :) She was so nice, and not just 'You are my constituent I will be nice to you', GENUINELY nice.

Today I took the metro with Mary-Anne to the Airport, and then flew back to Alabama.. then I drove the rest of the way home. In one day, in a span of less than 12 hours, I have traveled by train, plane and automobile!!

I have had a blast so far on spring break... and have a few more things left to do. I am home to see my family for a while; then traveling to Birmingham to see the SEC Gymnastics Championships. Finally, I plan on having a day of rest and church back at my apartment. I am so glad I was able to pack so much into this week, and it has been great, and will continue to be. Praise God for such a wonderful week!!

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